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Twilight Saga – Eclipse Review by: www.Edwardcullen.us

Tuesday July 13th 2010 -


Eclipse, the third installment in the Twilight Saga is by far the best to date. David Slade, taking over direction from Chris Weitz adds an action element to the series that was notably lacking with the first film.

The movie takes place immediately after New Moon, with Bella and Edward discussing marriage and her turning into a vampire. The love triangle between Jacob, Edward Cullen and Bella develops further, with Bella having to make the choice between staying human and loving Jacob, or becoming an immortal and being with her true love Edward Cullen forever. For anyone who has read the books the romantic elements of the film were quite mundane, with one wanting such scenes to conclude and the intrigue and action return.

Interest was added with the back stories of Rosalie and Jasper, tribal legends of the Quileutes and flashes of the burgeoning new born vampire army, enabling a balance between the film's romance and the wider scope of immortality, werewolves, and the movies encroaching climax.

There was a noticeable improvement with acting and it was pleasing that the wigs, worn by many of the actors, were not overly obvious. The soundtrack added a subtle background, complimenting the scenes without distracting from the main focus of the plot.

Slade used landscape shots and close ups to great affect, and excels greatly with the action scenes. These were perhaps the highlight of the movie and maintained the excitement in the film that could otherwise have been lost in the dreary romance. The CGI wolves were again outstanding and as close to perfect as one’s imagination could contrive. The overall intense tone of the film is maintained from the very first minute, with the new born army shifting focus away and eclipsing the love triangle in the film. 

Eclipse has been able to maintain and increase the standard set by Weitz in the previous film, securing the Twilight films as big-budget releases and ensuring more fans becoming addicted.


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April 24th 2010


New The Twilight Saga Eclipse Fresh new twilight trailor featuring Edward Cullen. The IMAX Experience with Edward Cullen -



New Moon Twilight Movie Review


Bella turns 18, the Cullens leave, a three-month zombie depression, a new friendship, werewolves and vampire royalty. If you’ve read the book, you know what happens. But does the second film in the Twilight Saga live up to the insurmountable expectations?


New Moon without a doubt trumps Twilight in most aspects. Fans will notice the marked shift in direction. Hardwicke’s bluish tinge left behind in favour of healthier earthy tones. Special effects are utilised to perfection, bringing the unworldly into a realistic and believable experience. The grand camera angles exemplify the emotional storyline, whilst maintaining the necessary intimacy between characters.


Having read the book multiple times, it was pleasing to find that it was a near perfect reflection, with additional comedic and action scenes giving more life to perhaps the dullest and dreariest of the vampiric tale. Chris Weitz’s direction and Melissa Rosenburg’s screenplay succeed in the creation of the best film possible, however one is left slightly bored by a storyline that just drags, only through fault of the novel.


The movie emphasises Edward’s absence by the use of apparition along with his warnings to Bella at times of recklessness or danger. Team Edward fans will enjoy this increase of their hero throughout the film that increases the storyline of his competition for Bella, Jacob Black.


The actors appear more comfortable in their approach to the characters. Kristen Stewart is able to draw more sympathy from the audience, than Bella does in the book, sustaining the melancholy depths awoken by Edward’s departure. Robert Pattinson also adds a little more humour and charm to Edward, than was seen in Twilight, another honest homage to the book.


The wolf pack’s dominance in the film is a very noticeable counterpart to Bella’s need to fill a void left by Edward’s disappearance. Being firmly in Team Edward, it’s hard to adequately assess Jacob as a potential suitor to Bella, however the film draws more conclusions about their relationship than the book does. Bella almost appears to forget about Edward, simply desiring a need for some form of dependence. Again the special effects used to bring the wolves to life are fantastic and were able to provide a better visual than the books.


The climatic showdown with the Volturi, though exaggerating the part in the book, embellishes the problematic argument concerning the Bella’s possible vampiric future, which will continue to grow with the next film. The film’s portrayal of the Volturi leaders and guard is fabulous, making great use of a talented range of actors and leaving the audience with a stronger impression of a truly lethal and evil coven of the damned.


Costuming, apart from the humans is also vastly different from the first film and perhaps the only drawback from the first film. The Cullen’s especially wear an eclectic mix of outfits that don’t seem to reflect any particular era or style. Edward wears more blazers and slacks, which appears to make the character seem older and more dignified. Not your average 17 year old attire. However, perhaps this was intentional to highlight differences between them and the humans they mingle with, as well as reflecting their personalities.


The soundtrack also moves away from the decidedly rock sound of Twilight, with more alternative sounds highlighting the emotionally intuitive aspects of the film. The score carries a greater harmonising tune, with the film’s tones achieving more effectiveness than its predecessor.


The developing feud between the Cullens and the Quileute Wolves along with the lingering danger of Victoria are important plot points which were well asserted throughout the film, enabling a strong premise for it’s sequel. It will be sad to see Rachelle Lefevre leave the role as Victoria, as she did a remarkable job on even the small part in New Moon.


Overall, despite the drawn out plot, New Moon will definitely live up to the fan’s expectations.professionalseo.com.au It’s highly unlikely that a better job could have been made on the production and adaptation of the book and you are left with a very satisfied feeling when a story is brought to life with accuracy and authenticity. Perhaps it could even be said that the film elaborates on the book, turning monotonous depression into a whimsical and expectant adventure


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Character History of Edward Cullen -


Edward Anthony Masen was born on the 20th of June 1901 to Elizabeth and Edward Mason in Chicago, Illinois. Soon after turning 17, the Spanish Influenza hit Chicago, killing both of his parents.

Plagued with the disease and on his deathbed, Edward drew concern from Dr Carlisle Cullen, a vampire who personal ethos curtails to saving human life rather than using them for their blood. Spurned by loneliness and Elizabeth Masen’s last words, to do everything in his power to save him, Carlisle transformed Edward into a vampire. Carlisle instilled in him, his own sense of morality and compassion, unique for vampires, with their “vegetarian” diet of animal blood becoming central to their existence.


Ten years after his creation, Edward left Carlisle, who by this time had also transformed Esme. Not sold on his “life of abstinence” and resenting Carlisle for “curbing his appetite”, Edward took to vigilante justice, preying upon humans who themselves preyed upon others – “If I followed a murderer down a dark alley where he stalked a young girl, if I saved her, then surely I wasn’t so terrible.”


Unable to escape the debt of so much human life taken, no matter how justified, Edward returned to Carlisle and Esme, recommitting to his adopted father’s vision and life as Edward Cullen. (copyright www. edwardcullen .us do not reproduce.)



January 18th 2010 -


New twilight pictures added to the site


New twilight pictures page 1

New twilight pictures page 2

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Examples of the new pictures -


twilight jacob


bella and edward twilight


September 19th 2009

Funny image of Kayne west and Edward Cullen

"yo edward im really happy for you and im gonna le you finish by sesame street has one of the best vampires of all time"

kayne west edward cullen

August 27th 2009 -

Edeard Cullen Aka Robert Pattinson has no girlfriend and is looking for one

In a recent interview Robert Pattinson is still single and is still looking for love
he tells every one that he gets so many fans coming up to him
begging for his love but their usually too old or too young. Most are Teenagers and
young girls who have fallen in love with the twilight book series and think Edward Cullen
is the man of their drams, but also their are twilight mums who are also looking for a
piece of the action with Robert Pattinson.



August 2009 news


A brand new twilight video has come into the public eyes this short 14 second clip shows twilight hunk Jacob. To check out the new exclusive video click here now


July 2009 news


Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen, Almost Killed by Crazy Fans
Twilight star Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight Movie Saga was almost killed by crazy fans in New York, after appearing at a book store. Rob had over 5 security guards in his entourage, who could not hold the screaming girls at bay
Some of these girls are too crazy in my opinion. Robert Pattinson could have been killed by these fans - what do you think about this situation?


June 2009 news


New Moon Trailer all over youtube - the trailer for the New Moon movie has just been released and lets just say its amazing. The special effects in the new film look great, the acting is flawless too. Cant wait for the release! To watch the new moon twilight trailer click here now!!


May 20th 2009


Twilight New moon official poster is out now

new moon poster


April 21st 2009


Huge update today added 10 new pages for the new twilight

movie, and also the book NEW MOON also added heaps of new pics from the new movie and trailer for the new moon twilight too.




March 2009

Robert Pattinson has a possible head injury?

Sources have told us that Robert Pattinson had a accident playing Edward Cullen on the
scene of the new movie Twilight sequel new moon,
Robert Pattinson has called these so called rumours rubbish.

Cullen said to have been shooting in canada when a gust of wind tore advertising from a a post and
Pattinson in the head causing some injuries.

People who represent him have said it never even happened?

More news on the new twilight move soon.


February 2009


Robert Pattinson Interview at the Oscars


Reports have come in that edward cullen played by robert pattinson was playing around with paris hilton at the oscars I hope these rumors are not true.

click here for the video.


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