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Um… carefully, Bella. Ow.

Don’t panic, love. You’re just a bit stronger than I am for the moment.

Now it’s your turn to not break me.

Let’s hunt, Bella.

I was under the impression that you’d always wanted to see me hunt.

I was rather hoping that I’d be able to hear your mind, now that it is more similar to my own. And here I am, as frustrated as ever, wondering what could possibly be going on inside your head.

Bella, you have never been merely pretty.

That was quite graceful – even for a vampire.

Follow me… if you can.

I’m not laughing at you, Bella. I’m laughing because I am in shock. And I am in shock because I am completely amazed.

You shouldn’t be able to do any of this. You shouldn’t be so… so rational. You shouldn’t be able to stand here discussing this with me calmly and coolly. And, much more than any of that, you should not have been able to break off mid-hunt with the scent of human blood in the air. Even mature vampires have difficulty with that – we’re always careful of where we hunt so as not to put ourselves in the path of temptation. Bella, you’re behaving like you’re decades rather than days old.

What wouldn’t I give to be able to see into your mind for just this one moment.

You did perfectly fine. It’s just that… it was much more difficult for me to watch than it should have been. It goes against the grain, letting you wrestle with lion. I was having an anxiety attack the whole time.

The only parents in the world who don’t need sleep, and our child already sleeps through the night.

Jacob isn’t suffering. Though I might be willing to change his condition.

I promised him that I would let him explain, but I doubt you’ll see it much differently than I do. Of course, I’m often wrong about your thoughts, aren’t I?

Watch yourself, mongrel.

Maybe I’m hoping she’ll get irritated and rip your head off.
Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 22, p.434

We’ll take care of you, Bella. Don’t worry, we’ll be ready. None of us would risk Renesmee. I think you’ll be surprised at how entirely she’s already wrapped us all around her little fingers. She’ll be perfectly safe, no matter what.

It was the only memory she had of you. She’s letting you know that she’s made the connection, that she knows who you are.

Just because I understand, it doesn’t mean I won’t throw you out, Jacob. Bella’s doing extraordinarily well. Don’t ruin the moment for her.

Amazing, isn’t she?

Bella, love, no one is judging you. You’re doing so well.

It’s just because he tastes better than the rest of us.

Why don’t you just tell me who wins?

I think it might be more fun if Jacob was awake for the big reveal, don’t you agree? So that someone there is able to express the right level of enthusiasm?

Just a few seconds more, Bella. Then she’ll go annoy someone else.

Alone time is their other gift. Alice was trying to be subtle about it.

I am purely full of joy, because I am missing nothing. No one has more than I do now.

There’s a tremendous amount of time left over when you don’t have to sleep. It makes balancing your… interests quite easy. There’s a reason why I’m the best musician in the family, why – besides Carlisle – I’ve read the most books, studied the most sciences, become fluent in the most languages… Emmett would have you believe that I’m such a know-it-all because of the mind reading, but the truth is that I’ve just had a lot of free time.

That’s just a theory, mongrel. You think we should test it out on Charlie? Did you consider the physical pain you’re putting Bella through, even if she can resist? Or the emotional pain if she doesn’t? I suppose what happens to Bella no longer concerns you!

If I didn’t believe you could handle it, we’d disappear today. This very minute. But you can. And you’ll be happier if you can have Charlie in your life.

No, I don’t care if you bite Jacob. That’s fine.

As far as Charlie knows, you’re the most repulsive monster of us all.

I’m sorry, but you need to know the public story more than you need to know the truth. If you’re going to be part of this secret, the public story is the one that counts. It’s to protect Bella and Renesmee as well as the rest of us. Can you go along with the lies for them?

It’s a little dense, don’t you think, to antagonize the strongest vampire in the house?

Tell me you didn’t let go a bit on your first run, dog.

What an amazing creature she is.

You know how Jasper is – he can’t resist a good emotional climate. You’re so happy all the time, love, he gravitates toward you without thinking.

We don’t know what she saw. Alice is neither unfeeling nor a coward. She just has more information than we do.

You are bound differently than we are. We each still have our free will.

I couldn’t let you walk away from me. It hurt just to imagine it.

Listening to Alice is usually the right thing.

If it comes to a fight, there won’t be much any of us can do.

I will try to teach you what I can, but please don’t make me think about you sacrificing yourself as a diversion…

For Alice. It’s the only thanks I can give her now for the last fifty years.

The Volturi aren’t supposed to be the villains, the way they seem to you. They are the foundation of our peace and civilization. Each member of the guard chooses to serve them. It’s quite prestigious; they all are proud to be there, not forced to be there.

From what I saw of his thoughts last spring, Aro’s never wanted anything more than he wants Alice.

I just can’t… bear it. Emmett and Rosalie know as much as I do. Tanya and Eleazar probably know more. Ask someone else.

Looking at you that way, analyzing you as a target. Seeing all the ways I can kill you… It just makes it too real for me.

They’ll be shocked when the infants save their superior lives, won’t they?

Hurry back to me.

They’re committed to protecting human life, Aro. That makes them able to coexist with us, but hardly with you. Unless you’re rethinking your lifestyle.

Goodbye, Jacob, my brother… my son.

Normal procedure. They usually incapacitate those on trial so they can’t escape.

Aro, would you ask Jane to stop attacking my wife?

They’ve given up. Like all bullies, they’re cowards underneath the swagger.

They’ve been seriously shaken; their confidence is shattered. But, yet, I’m sure they’ll recover from the blow someday. And then… I imagine they’ll try to pick us off separately.

When will you ever see yourself clearly?

Caius is actually terrified of werewolves. He almost lost a fight with one a few thousand years ago and never got over it.

A night for celebrations.

I knew what had to happen now. The girl would have to come sit beside me, and I would have to kill her.

She would not have time to scream or feel pain; I would not kill her cruelly. That much I would give this stranger with her horribly desirable blood.

The monster in my head smiled in anticipation.

In a few moments, there would be nothing left in me that would reflect the years I’d spent with my creator, my mentor, my father in all the ways that counted. My eyes would glow red as a devil’s; all likeness would be lost forever.

I knew that he would forgive me for this horrible act that I would do. Because he loved me. Because he thought I was better than I was. And he would still love me, even as I now proved him wrong.

Why did she have to come here? Why did she have to exist? Why did she have to ruin the little peace I had in this non-life of mine? Why had this aggravating human ever been born? She would ruin me.

Hating her, hating how she made me feel – it helped a little.

It was sophistry to think that by saving the nineteen humans in this room with effort and patience, I would be less a monster when I killed this innocent girl.

I had things ordered the way I liked them now. Why should I let some aggravating and delicious nobody ruin that?

I was the last person who would ever stand as a protector for Isabella Swan. She would never need protection from anything more than she needed it from me.

There was no reason for Bella Swan to cross paths with me. She would be avoided like the plague she was.

As I sped back to Forks doing ninety, I wasn’t sure where I was going. To say goodbye to my father? Or to embrace the monster inside me? The road flew away beneath my tires.




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