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March 27th 2009

Robert Pattinson has a possible head injury?

Sources have told us that Robert Pattinson had a accident playing Edward Cullen on the
scene of the new movie Twilight sequel new moon,
Robert Pattinson has called these so called rumours rubbish.

Cullen said to have been shooting in canada when a gust of wind tore advertising from a a post and
Pattinson in the head causing some injuries.

People who represent him have said it never even happened?

More news on the new twilight move soon.

Edward Anthony Masen was born on the 20th of June 1901 to Elizabeth and Edward Mason in Chicago, Illinois. Soon after turning 17, the Spanish Influenza hit Chicago, killing both of his parents.

Plagued with the disease and on his deathbed, Edward drew concern from Dr Carlisle Cullen, a vampire who personal ethos curtails to saving human life rather than using them for their blood. Spurned by loneliness and Elizabeth Masen’s last words, to do everything in his power to save him, Carlisle transformed Edward into a vampire. Carlisle instilled in him, his own sense of morality and compassion, unique for vampires, with their “vegetarian” diet of animal blood becoming central to their existence.


Ten years after his creation, Edward left Carlisle, who by this time had also transformed Esme. Not sold on his “life of abstinence” and resenting Carlisle for “curbing his appetite”, Edward took to vigilante justice, preying upon humans who themselves preyed upon others – “If I followed a murderer down a dark alley where he stalked a young girl, if I saved her, then surely I wasn’t so terrible.”


Unable to escape the debt of so much human life taken, no matter how justified, Edward returned to Carlisle and Esme, recommitting to his adopted father’s vision and life as Edward Cullen.














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